Vbeauté Skincare ~ ‘Buying Time’ Everyday Crème

vbeauté ‘Buying TimeTM’ Everyday Crème $135.00 by Vbeaute at Nordstrom or Vbeauté

This light, luxe cream offers 24-hour intensive moisturization, and generous botanical infusions that help the skin recuperate by restoring its natural repair functions. Buying TimeTM watches over your skin day and night with so many powerful, replenishing ingredients, you might think of it as your round-the-clock way of putting time in your hands. Formulated with both of our power-player complexes: Alpine Rose Botanical Technology and BioCellular Peptide , Buying TimeTM is a multitasking wonder cream that helps skin repair itself, slow down the signs of premature aging, refine skin texture and boost collagen production.How to use: Apply day and night after cleansing and serum. Smooth a liberal amount over face and neck.

Miss Style Apothecary says… Here is a great moisturizing creme.. It is great for the day.. It’s rich and thick but goes on light and smooth. It quickly hydrates and boosts my skin but NEVER I mean never leaves it feelign oily or with any traces of a greasy shine.. It’s pretty concentrated so I only use a small amount on my face, it’s really all I need.. I apply this over my facial serum and eye cream then finish with an spf. My makeup doesn’t slip it completely stays in place and remains for the long haul.. My skin feels great, no adverse reactions and feels soft & sublte always.. Since using and I have for over a month, my skin is completely free from any dry spots, it glows and looks healthy and along with that it is giving my skin that little extra boost, it feel like now that I am hydrated and in balance that I feel like my facial volume is in check, I don’t look depleted and flat… I have that fresh glow that comes from healthy SKIN! Vbeauté is an amazing line, all the products I have used are great… MMmmm, MMMmmmm good!




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