Victoria’s Secret ~ Bombshell in Love Eau de Parfum

Bombshell in Love Eau de Parfum

$49.00 at Victoria’s Secret

Instant passion. Love at first spark. Fall head over heels for succulent fruit and vibrant florals. Pink grapefruit, luscious peony and sensual sandalwood. Domestic. 50 ml/1.7 fl oz

METSV says:    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Vicky’s has yet another fragrance to add to their humongous collection…. I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve had – I jump on them because I know most of them are limited editions..adding to my own collection is their latest Bombshell – Bombshell in Love – a fruity, floraly perfect for romance and fun fragrance.   I think the warmth is what sets it apart from the original bombshell fragrance.  The amber kind of catches you off guard and doesn’t make its appearance until a good amount of time after misting.  You do not need a lot of this.  Spraying too much will definitely not be a good thing as I learned the hard way…. but just a couple of spritzes is perfection.  It’s fun, but sexy – girly but grown-up.   I’ve gotten several compliments and inquiries as to I’m wearing.   It’s not one of those “oh she’s wearing THAT.”    My feeling is that the dry down will be different on everyone depending on body chemistry.   On me, the dry down is more warm-floral…not so fruity -it’s the peony that stays with me and a touch of sandalwood.  (Vicky’s kind of made me fall in love with fragraces featuring sandalwood – I was/am obsessed with their Vanilla Sandalwood – a LE from 2010…ever since then, I look for it in perfumes.)   As this will probably be gone before you know it, go grab a bottle or two – this fragrance will take you right into spring – just puts you in a good mood too!  


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