Glytone Anti-Aging Serum


Glytone Anti-Aging Serum $93.00 (Retail -$120.00)  NO S H charges  Available @ Facemedix

A layering serum with time released, high concentrations of stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin E combined with Red Tea Flavonoids to deliver powerful antioxidant protection and antiaging benefits. Time-released Vitamin C and E, combined with Red Tea Flavonoids provide an antioxidative protective layer to help prevent free radical damage. Glycolic Acid increases the penetration of these nutrients into the epidermis and stimulates new and healthy cell development. Recommended for normal or oily skin types.

Makeup Addict loves the results I have after several weeks and plans to have after a few months!!  As mentioned in my review of Glytone Anti-Aging Cream – I have been using these two products together and I am so thrilled with what I am now seeing.  Seriously, if I am happy with the smooth and taut skin that is actually glowing with a totally relaxed appearance now — what will I see when I have been using these for a couple of months????  I did admit to cheating a bit and using the products twice a day – rather than the once they are recommended.  However, that was only for the first couple of days – to kick start the anti-aging.  This Glytone Anti-Aging Serum is more of a creamy white lotion or serum.  You really do not need that much — just several drops.  It is absorbed very quickly – and feels good going on and my skin feels great to the touch immediately.  However, the visible results of less lines, smoother taut skin, etc. do not really start appearing until a couple of weeks.  I can hardly wait until a couple of months of use — to see the results then as that is when they indicate you will see the real anti-aging effects.  Right now – after only a couple of weeks — I am happy to say they have exceeded my expectations. Glytone knows skin and anti-aging – lucky for me!!  Personally, I would recommend using the Glytone Anti-Aging Serum in conjunction with the Glytone Anti-Aging Cream.  However, if you need to select only one of them to work with — I am sure you will see some great results, but perhaps not the absolute best results.


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