Bliss ~ The Youth as we know it Anti – Aging Night Cream

Bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Night Cream $79.00 by Bliss at Sephora

What it is: A feather-light night cream that packs a serious age-defying punch. What it is formulated to do: This potent potion delivers all the age-battling benefits of The Youth As We Know It Moisture Cream (plumping, retexturizing, brightening and visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, to name a few). Plus it’s made with twice the active wrinkle fighting power and half the weight. Its feather-light texture sinks deep into skin—so get ready to wake up with the skin of your dreams.

Miss Style Apothecary says… MMmmm, Mmmm, good, this is a great night cream for me.. I need nighttime hydration to combat the arid air… My bedroom is SO dry, winter steals all the moisture and usually strip me of all hydration.. The evening is when I most want my skin to be lubed up and prepped.. Every night I have a ritual, wash or exfoliate, toner, serum & moisturizing cream.. All steps are important but without a good last step, well none of the others seem to really matter.. Of course clean skin is uber important but night cream is what locks in everything else and provides the veil for the others to really penetrate and work.. WOW, ooooo, WOW…. The Youth as we know it is great, it feels like silk and goes on lightly so my skin doesn’t look all oily, it seeps in quickly and leave behind the soft moist skin that I want..  It also has a fresh lightly citrus scent. It lasts throughout the night so it does a great job of holding up to my tossing and turning and provides a perfect barrier for my evening serum.. Really nice at hydrating my skin and keeping it glowing!




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