WEN® Hair Care ~ Sweet Almond Mint Styling Crème

WEN® Hair Care ~ Sweet Almond Mint Styling Crème  For Full Information visit WEN® Hair Products

WEN® Styling Crème

Instead of using a gel for hold and a polishing gloss for shine, you can achieve both with WEN® Styling Crème. This creamy styling product is designed to help promote moisture, shine and body all in one formula. It’s also designed to manage split ends while improving texture and providing frizz control.

WEN® Hair Care line.  Look at Chaz Dean’s (superstar hair dresser to the stars,  – that helped me decide to give this a try!!  I love almond and I love Mint but I couldn’t even imagine a combination of both of them.  Well, they did an incredible job — it smells absolutely heavenly.  It is a cloudy crème that is not sticky at all.  It applies very easily and leaves my hair feeling healthy and styled like I want it.  It does prevent the frizzies as my hair will kink up in a second in humidity and it stayed in place during a very humid period.  I did notice that my many split ends seem to have recovered and they are as healthy and shiny as the rest of my hair.  I like the body I get from using WEN® Styling Crème – it gives me the look and feel of more texture while keeping my style in place. All in all, I have to say that WEN® Styling Crème left me wanting to try the rest of the line!!  I cannot even imagine the results then as I am positively thrilled with the results I get from WEN® Styling Crème, alone.


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