Worker B ~ All-Purpose Balm


Worker B ~ All-Purpose Balm       $8.50     Available @ Worker B

Primary Uses: Lips, skin, hands, etc. Used by chefs for heat damaged skin. We use our propolis tincture for this long lasting balm.


Makeup Addict never learns – I usually wait until I have chapped lips or dry scaley hands before I treat them.  Well, let me tell you Worker B All-Purpose Balm is one smart investment – whether you are preventing chapped lips, etc. or preventing them.  I am truly amazed at just how fast Worker B All-Purpose Balm healed all the problem areas.  I was so impressed that I decided to give it a real test — my dry, cracked heels.  My feet can be a real challenge to most products on the market – but Worker B All-Purpose Balm simply softened and moisturized them in one treatment!!  I had been doing a bit of cleaning around the house and I cannot work with gloves on so my hands become so dry that they crack and look like dried out patches of dessert.  They scratch or catch anything that comes in touch with them.  One application and they looked and felt ‘normal’.  This balm feels wondrous as I apply it — I swear it heals the fingers applying it before I am done applying it everywhere. My palms can feel like a field workers — calloused and rough. . . they normally take a few applications of a product before healing.  However, Worker B All-Purpose Balm seemed to soften and moisturize everything AS I APPLIED IT!!!  Once applied – it does not even feel like I have anything on – but, believe me, I can feel and actually see the difference immediately.  My skin just absorbs this balm upon contact and feels like silk right then – no wait.  Worker B All-Purpose Balm is a hard-working and effective product.  I am thrilled with the results and my skin says Thank you to Worker B.  I know I will be trying more of Worker B products for sure!!!!!!


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