Belle Fleur ~ Petit Trio Classic Floral Collection Candles

Classic Floral Collection avail from Belle Fleur for $78.00

Enjoy three of Belle Fleur’s best-selling Floral fragrances in a beautiful three-candle gift set.

3 petite scented candles designed in hand-blown tortoise shell glass, presented in an aqua faux-lizard box with a chocolate brown silk hand-stiched french ribbon and bow. Matchbox included.

White Orchid Tea: Orchid, Peony & Asian Bergamot wrapped in Green Tea Leaves.

Orange Blossom Pomegranate: Orange Blossom, Pomegranate & Cassis.

Jasmine Verbena: Jasmine & Verbena in a thicket of Clover and Wild Vetiver.

Miss Style Apothecary says… Hmmm, these are the bestest! Belle Fleur’s candles aren’t perfumy they are delicate, full of fragrance and smell AMAZING.. First off, before even opening up the packaging made me take notice that there is something special inside.. The box is sturdy and meant to keep, the colors are gorgeous and everything fits within and looks stunning.. This trio is a PERFECT gift… I also have to mention, they give you matches.. I don’t smoke and usually don’t keep a lighter in the house so these matches came in handy, I didn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find something to light them with… I just love it when everything is there, it’s like when you get a gift and need batteries, so much nicer with they are enclosed… Just so you know what I meant! Now the candles themselves, look at the glass containers, they are gorgeous too and as they burn the light they give off changes, the longer the burn the deeper within th container the wick is lit, the warm glow is lovely, they look great in the bedroom casting lights off the wall in the bathroom, perfect for a soak in the tub or even on the dining room table clustered together amongst some flowers.. I would gladly trade in all of my others candles to just have Belle Fleur around my home..

The scents are to die for.. My preference is having them all burn together creating the most magical bouquet of fragrance, it’s lush and delicious – harmonious floral & citrus… Hmmm, I love them.. I want to tell you a bit about each candle too.. The Jasmine Verbena has the most green scent of the bunch, it’s fresh and almost powdery and has a little touch of crispness to it.. It is the real real jasmine not a knock off, it’s true and carries throughout my home gently.. The White Orchid Tea has the lightest scent of the trio.. It’s feminine, pretty and also has an undertone of citrus making it clean and never thick.. The Orange Blossom Pomegranate is a hardy floral with a touch of tang… You will not believe how evenly these burn, no need to keep them lit for a longtime, once they are burning for about 20 minutes the cast of fragrance can be picked up all over my home.. The are so richly scented and they never thicken the air, it’s fresh and clean with these scents traveling around.. I like to keep them in the box when I am not using to prevent any dust build up.. I get compliments on the scent and everyone LOVES the packaging and look of the containers.. I do keep the wicks trimmed and find that amongst the 3 candles there is what seems like the same amount in each left so I can attest to a great quality burn with the wick expertly placed in the center of each container with no movement… I can’t recommend Belle Fleur enough.. They are simply amazing!!


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