H20 ~ Bath Basics Shower Gel Favorites Gift Set


Bath Basics Shower Gel Favorites Gift Set $13.50
Infused with refreshing coastal scents, these travel-ready shower gels gently wash away impurities while nourishing the skin.

Watercress and Iceland moss replenish moisture to leave skin looking healthy and radiant
Natural fruit enzymes revitalize tone and texture
Conditioning vitamin E capsules help moisturize, repair and protect skin from environmental damage
Refreshing coastal fragrances invigorate the senses
Presented in custom designed gift box

Makeup Addict is very sorry I didn’t review the Bath Basics Shower Gel Favorites Gift Set sooner as it is a perfect present for the Holidays.  I would not give it alone as the receiver might take it as an insult – such as they smell.  Also, breaking it up and using a tube or two or three as stocking stuffers is a terrific idea. However, this gift set is the ultimate in selecting the fragrance for yourself.  Personally, I am always changing those I use so this worked out extremely well for me.  Let me add – that there is not even one fragrance that I can not thoroughly recommend.  However, I think everyone can probably guess what a ‘citrus’ nut would select as a favorite.  Yeah, Blushing Orange is heaven sent.  I love the feel of these on my skin as I use them. . . I did not get foaming but that did not stop me from slathering it all over.  My hands and body just felt so velvety as I washed.  The fragrance fades as you rinse it off – but a trace stayed for a while.  It does the job of cleaning with no drying effects on the skin.  My skin stayed nice and hydrated – but, I did apply moisturizer after my shower – just to lock in the moisture.  I would suggest this gift set if you cannot make up your mind on one particular scent.  Actually, I found that I loved the Blushing Orange but surprised myself that I loved the others almost as well.  I will not limit myself to the Blushing Orange and, because of this gift set, I know what other fragrances I want.  This gift set is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the wonderful array of fragrances available.


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