Review – Cellure Skincare ~ Stem Cell Skin Care


Our Vision

To be the most innovative skincare company in the world. Cellure applies medical stem-cell research used in life-saving disease therapy on adult humans to recode the degenerative, physiological process of aging.

Created by the company leading stem cell technology in the world, CELLURE is changing the face of skin care.

Cultivating only from adult human stem cells—not animal-based, embryonic or artificial—CELLURE applies a new science to skin care. Our formulas use unprecedented amounts of stem cells to create our key ingredient – a pure protein complex unlike any other on earth. A proprietary process multiplies stem cells that excrete powerful proteins—ones that are unaltered in quality or efficacy. True to what they were in the body, they can then truly help skin. Their small size makes them ideal for quick absorption.
Anti-aging, counter-damage or post-blemish—this is daily care that visibly and remarkably advances skin’s radiance, clarity, firmness and overall tone and texture. We bring a new perspective to the age-old problem of time.

METSV says:  Tell me that introduction above doesn’t have you foaming at the mouth to get in on this line….I was so excited to learn we were going to be able to trial this new and innovative game-changing skin care line.  The bad news is that I was only able to try two day samples of it…. the WORSE news is, now that I’ve tried it, I WANT it….which unless I have a rich relative out there who wants to support my skin-care habit and will buy it for me, is going to have to continue to be a huge lemming…  From the first use of the cleanser I was sold.  It smells so darn good – citrusy and so clean and I am not kidding it removed every bit of make up an dirt and left my skin so soft; not tight or dry – just soft.   Recode is the toner – that made my skin feel good as well, prepped and ready for what I am sure is the ace in the hole product – the Serum Booster…this absorbed instantly and is super light… I wish I had more to see just what it could do as I got about two days worth – such a tease!  The eye cream I was able to squeeze another couple of days out of, mind you I was like everything so much I was cutting the little tubes with scissors to get the last drops out!  Both the day and night cream are lovely as well.  They’re hydrating and smoothing and just make my skin feel good.    This is a line that we will be hearing alot about and I bet other companies will be wanting to mimic the science, but I don’t think they’ll come close to what Cellure has going on here.   It is not an inexpensive line, but my feeling is if you want to take care of your skin and turn back time, this will be the line to do it with.  I’m gong to be saving my pennies and start off with one or two and hopefully work my way up to a couple more products.   If everything I’ve read about this line is true (it’s being buzzed about everywhere) then I Have to see what it can do for me.


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