Belle Fleur ~ Mayan Tuberose Scented Bath Soap

A luxurious, delicately scented, French-milled bath soap with natural shea butter, almond oil and vitamin E, will cleanse and moisturize leaving your skin radiant and supple. Available in a set of three.  $46 at Belle Fleur

METSV says:   Perfect gift idea for those who love elegant soap sets like this one.  The thing about Belle Fleur’s fragrances is that they are so unique…classic, exotic, just really rich.    The box matches my bathroom colors perfectly…I actually was happy displaying it – the soaps alone gave my bathroom a lovely soft scent – nothing overpowering, just clean and fresh.  The soap itself is very nice – fine milled indeed.   Very softening to my skin, beautiful, delicate lather.  The fragrance kind of evolves as I use it.  When I first run it under the water, it’s definitely the tuberose that stands out, but once I start washing, I get the other notes, sandalwood, neroli, even a little bit of vanilla in there. It actually is really good at sudsing up my legs pre-shaving.  I haven’t used this on my face,  though I don’t think it would dry it out if the way the rest of my body feels is any indication.   I’m trying to decide whether or not to add the other two in the package to little spa gift packs or if I just want to hoard them…..From candles to room sprays to bath and body – Belle Fleur has gorgeous fragrances for everyone on your gift list (and don’t forget yourself too!)


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