Otter Creek ~ True Grit Scrubbing Body Wash

Otter Creek – Grit Happens $18.00

This product has been specially formulated to get the job done where ordinary soaps won’t cut it. We’re talking about bodies covered in layer upon layer of sweat, dirt, oil, animal blood, gunpowder, bug spray — you get the idea. Just slather Grit Happens on your disgusting body, and our deep cleaning micro scrubbers will punch effortlessly through your stink. In practically no time, you’ll come out clean and fresh and ready to get dirty again. SCENT: COCONUT AND LIMETROPICAL NOTES

Review Man says..First off I want to explain this isn’t a body scrub it’s a scrubbing body wash, which means that if you have sensitive skin or don’t want to get ripped up then this is for you!! It a lot gentler than a a body scrub… So all the harshness is completely absent! The packaging of Grit Happens is young and fun.  The bottle is an 8 fl oz standard stand up tube so it makes for comfort in the shower, all the product is always just waiting to be squeezed out, I never have to spend any extra time trying to get it to come to the opening.. done for me so I like stand up bottles..   The colors play into the Otter Creek style with outdoorsy background but sharp bright coloring.  The name is an obvious play on words and would appeal to any young man with a sense of humor…    I use this true grit after the gym and it seems to do a good job at removing sweat and grime.  A substantial amount is needed to lather up but the scents and gentle grit are perfect for an after gym shower.  The smells are citrusy and fresh in the shower but not strong enough to overpower any y8huicologne may put on after showering.  So has a very light lathering action so it’s got more scrub like qualities on that front, it works well, get my skin clean, gentles scrubs my skin and does a good job of getting rid of all the dry skin!


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