Bath & Body Works ~ Liplicious All I Want Lip Gloss (Cranberry Kiss) (Snickerdoodle)

Liplicious All I Want Lip Gloss available at Bath & Body Works for $8

Our Limited Edition Cranberry Kiss Lip Gloss is a sweet, flirty festive gloss that glides on for sheer coverage and high shine!

Also, our Limited Edition Snickerdoodle Squeeze Lip Gloss is another sweet, flirty festive gloss that glides on for sheer coverage and high shine!
  • Moisturizing formula with vitamin E and jojoba oils
  • Adds a gold shimmer to lips

Ali Says….My favorite kind of lip gloss is the clear kind. You can wear it alone, you can wear it over a colored lip, either way, it makes a statement. What makes a clear lip gloss even better, is a slight sparkle. Well, Bath & Body Works has made a perfect lip gloss. The All I Want is Cranberry Lip Gloss is a squeezable tube and goes on easily. The gloss is not sticky and doesn’t dry out my lips, like many glosses do. In complete contrast, this gloss adds needed moisture, and my lips feel moisturized. What else I really like about this gloss is as it fades/is removed, it doesn’t leave any build up. My lips just feel like they need more gloss. Since the gloss is clear, it’s perfect for both day and night wear. It can also be worn casually, or do dress up an outfit.  Finally, the flavor is great. The cranberry isn’t too much, nor is it too fruity. I’ll definitely be keeping this in my purse during the holiday season!

Makeup Addict says I am sorry that I procrastinated too long —Liplicious All I Want Lip Gloss would have made a perfect stocking stuffer or a separate gift.  But guess what, my delay has proved beneficial to our wallets.  It is now on sale for $4.  I can stock up on them in various flavors and scents.  As Ali mentioned this is a clear gloss.  I found that my Snickerdoodle just glides on so smoothly.  Hey, if you want some color — put some on beforehand.  However, I do love the clear with the golden shimmer.  It gives a really nice youthful appearance.  My main problem is that it smells and tastes so great that I want to just lick it off constantly.  Hey, this could be a help to any New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.  If I simply eat this – instead of a candy bar or something — I might just lose some of my winter weight.   That is because in addition to its wonderful gliding on – it is not waxy or greasy which makes it difficult to not licfk!!  This is a terrific gloss as my lips almost look like glass — they are so shiney.  If I can use some self-control – this stands a chance of lasting.  I try to remain aware of my tendency to lick it off.  At the reduced price I can get twice as many Liplicious All I Want Lip Glosses as I was going to grab!!!!


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