Ralph Lauren Fragrance ~ Big Pony Collection #3 Cologne

Big Pony Collection #3 avail @ Sephora for $52.50
This crisp, outdoorsy fragrance is for the man who loves hiking, rock climbing, and anything else that appeals to his rugged sense of adventure. A thrilling scent, it brings together mint and ginger root to trigger an adrenaline rush of extreme sensations and the fresh appeal of the outdoors.

Notes: Mint, Ginger.
Style: Crisp. Outdoorsy. Adventurous.

Benny Boy says..Big Pony  #3 Eau inspired by the Ralph Lauren Big Pony polo Shirt. At first glance, your eyes are drawn to the green bottle and the classic Ralph Lauren logo.  Big Pony #3  has a bold yet adventurous sent. It has a crisp fragrance with a splash of mint and ginger. The scent is just right. It has a perfect balance and  not overpowering at all. I wear cologne every day and The Big Pony Green Eau de Toilette hands down is now my favorite cologne. I spray some on in the morning and it lasts all day. I get complemented all the time. I wear day and even, no need for any transition and works well for all situations.. The new Big Pony collection is a great youthful fun scent for guys to scoop up!  The quality outnumbers all of the other colognes sitting on my bureau and I would recommend this to others. All in all –Great cologne!


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