Tara Walker’s Dream ~ Dream Cleansing Balm

Dream Cleansing Balm  $45 avail from Tara Walker’s Dream

This is a mild and effective botanical cleansing balm that transforms to a light milky lotion on addition of water. It gently removes make-up and grime without irritating or drying out the skin. Enriched with Rejuvenating Dream Serum® +100 Concentrate, this soft gel also contains natural emulsifiers derived from sugar and vegetal fatty acids that clean the skin without leaving it feeling tight and dry. A mild cleansing agent derived from olive oil assists in the removal of dirt from the pores, lifting it away from the skin so that it can be easily rinsed away. Leaving skin fresh, clean and supple, it’s the perfect preparation for Tara’s Rejuvenating Dream Serum® +100 Concentrate.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I have been using the Dream system for about 3 weeks now.. As you can see from the packaging, you know its extremely portable.. I love that everything is compartmentalized to keep the sink area clean.. I feel like less is more and these little pods stream line my cleansing routine.  The tin this cleanser comes in is super cute and something that NEEDS to be left out to display, everything is hidden away inside you all I am looking at is the slick cool sage container.. Now the individual cleansers last me 2-4 washes depending on how much I use… I don’t need a lot but I need enough to remove the face makeup (not eye), dirt & grim of the day.. It feels like a cream cleanser on but looks like a yellowish gel like base, its got a yummy herbally scent that keeps me coming back for more and is extremely gentle.. It is no irritating so don’t flip out if you get it near your eye area.. I found that is doesn’t bubble up but spreads over my face more like a coating and dissolves the dirt and day’s element, leaving my skin feeling fresh, soft, lightly hydrated and most importantly CLEAN..


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