Victoria’s Secret ~ Gorgeous Fragrance Mist


Gorgeous Collection Fragrance Mist $25.00 at Victoria’s Secret

Show-stopping beauty. Effortless glamour. Made to be noticed. Gorgeous! Irresistible strawberry, sheer jasmine and tempting sandalwood. Domestic. 8.4 oz.

Makeup Addict says I do not care if I am being redundant – Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Fragrance Mist is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I actually think it is perfect in the Fragrance Mist – it might prove to be too potent in Perfume.  I cannot describe it – other than it is truly a very gorgeous scent.  The florals are not overpowering – the sandalwood floats in nicely.  It is a wonderful combination and — it lasts.  I was surprised as most fragrance mists fade pretty quickly on me — but not Gorgeous!!  Hey, I would not care if I did not get any complements on it — but I do!!!!!  People seem drawn to it.  I just wish I worked with Maria so I could use her Gorgeous Fragrance Lotion like her co-workers.  However, I need to dig into my pockets and buy some.  I want the total Gorgeous package!!!  I absolutely love Gorgeous!!!!  I know I am not alone from all the complements.  And to top it off — take a gander at the price – so reasonable!!!!!!!!


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