Ralph Lauren Fragrance ~ Big Pony Collection #2 Cologne

Big Pony Collection #2 avail @ Sephora $52.50 for 2.5oz

This sexy mix brings together dark chocolate and musk—a bold combination for the ladies’ man who can’t help it if he attracts a crowd. As this spicy and seductive fragrance unfolds, the challenge of love is transformed into undeniable attraction.

Notes: Dark Chocolate. Musk. Spicy Style: Seductive. Sexy. Magnetic.

Speed Racer says…The fiery packaging is definitely a conversation starter and an excellent prequel to what’s inside. New large polo player symbol on top of the brightly red background screams for attention. The desire to see what’s inside quickly becomes overwhelming. Opened the box and a feeling of nostalgia was upon me. As a teenager I wore Polo cologne and seeing this bottle had me reminiscing of those youthful years.

Big Pony #2 is definitely a masculine scent, it’s full bodied, lasts and definitely rocks the muncho man scent but as mentioned there is a touch of crispness so you won’t get lost in the masculinity, it’s great that is carries throughout the day too, no worries on it fading into the wind. #2 is a masculine cologne that can be worn all year round and the women I have worn it around definitely take notice. The citrus scent is what comes on initially but it does change on my skin and fades over time it becomes muskier with a hint of dark chocolate, sweet & rich and bitter because of the musky note. Also, realize this, one spray means that the bottle will last a long time. One spray on my wrists and the nape of my neck gets me through a full day. I am an outdoors-man so I want a scent that stands up to the rigorous activities that my day brings but be able to go home and have my wife be compelled to me without any complaints. No need to re-spray for the evening, I am covered!


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