Rusk Deep Shine Oil Volumizing Shampoo


Rusk Deep Shine Oil Volumizing Shampoo   Full Information Available @ Rusk

A sulfate-free, color-safe gentle cleansing shampoo. For all hair types, including anyone with chemically or color-treated hair. Gives body and volume to fine, dull hair. Enriched with pure argan oil to impart brilliant shine and protect color from fading.

Makeup Addict is just an ordinary customer looking for the best shampoo.  Thus, I have to say — Rusk, why don’t you make it a little easier to purchase your shampoo.  Don’t make customers go all over the place.  Sell it in stores and salons — make it easier for the customer.  I don’t want to go from site to site.  It is too bad as Rusk Deep Shine Oil Volumizing Shampoo is one of the best shampoos I have used.  I think it might be worth the trouble to get it but your average customer wants to just be able to pick it up or order it. Rusk Deep Shine Oil Volumizing Shampoo, itself, is a pearly liquid that feels wonderful and smells very, fresh.  I work it through my hair very thoroughly and gently shampoo the hair.  When I rinse it out I am left with wonderful shiney hair that has kept its color (yes, even the color I add to it) along with some nice body and shine.  I follow this immediately with its sister conditioner, Rusk Deep Shine Oil Volumizing Conditioner and m y hair remains glorious until the next shampoo.  It retains the body and shine until that time.  I think I get maybe 3 or 4 extra shampoos between colororing between the two of them. I have no dead ends or, if I do, the shampoo/conditioner have solved that problem.  I did have dead ends when I started.  You get enough to really last a while and you will fall in love with the results!!!! P. S to . Rusk, Your Argan Oil is miraculous, but I get a bit scared off when you put ‘oil’ in the name.  I m no advertising genius, but I might say Shampoo with Argan Oil. It sounds a little less Oily to me!!   Okay, so I am a picky customer – just ignore me.


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