MyChelle ~ Apple Brightening Peel – Age Spot / UV Recovery

Deeply penetrates to refine texture and diminish discoloration from sun damage.
Benefits: Vegan friendly, gluten free
Recommended for: Hyperpigmentation / Skin discoloration caused by harmful UVA & UVB sun exposure

avail from MyChelle for $37.19

cakedoo1 says… Ok, you know what drew me in 1st? The Apple it smells delicious and reminds me of an Apple Pectin Shampoo I used when I was a child… Aaawww the memories, got me all nostalgic.. So now you know, it smells like a dream, fresh yummy apples, perfect for the fall season and transition from summer.. So the consistency is oozy so I decided straight away that I was going to apply with a brush, I think less is more so I used a fan brush, just applied to the brush and covered my entire face, as instructed I left on 10 minutes for the first application.. My skin can be sensitive so no need to wreak havoc right out of the gate.. While I had the mask on, initially I didn’t feel anything then about 3 minutes in a tingle here and a tingle there, NOTHING painful or harsh.. It dried to a tacky consistency and was easy to rinse away.. I started off splashing with my hands and rubbing then added in a washcloth to get the rest off.. After my skin had that fresh from a facial glow.. The best part is the next few days I didn’t break out or have any sensitivity.. The first week I used only once and the second 2x a week. I think that is enough.. I am reaping the benefits and not overdoing it.. My skin’s complexion does loo brighter and clearer and it’s only been 3 weeks.. I do have some age/sun spots but with the short usage time, I am not seeing any difference yet.. I was going to start using as a spot treatment to accelerate the fading.. My skin feels baby soft and looks hydrated and healthy, no flaking or peeling at all. I highly recommend checking out.. I really enjoy using and will continue till I have to scrape out the last molecule!!


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