Shea Terra Organics ~ Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam Syrup

SheaTerra Organics Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam Syrup  $22.00 Available @ SheaTerra Organics

100% Natural. Get deep pore cleansing to avoid blackheads and blemishes. Rosemary and stimulating herbs open pores in a warm steam in preparation of an effective cleansing regimen.  

Unlike steam teas and other steams where you hold a towel over your head and hope for the best, Shea Terra Organics uses a powerful, yet gentle blend of essential oils and herbs in the form of a steam syrup that you apply directly to the skin to ensure that cells open more effectively.

Makeup Addict finds Shea Terra Organics Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam Syrup to be a refreshing and different technique to cleansing my pores.  It does have a rather strong fragrance which does get diluted when mixed with the water.  I found that using Shea Terra Organics Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam Syrup about 3 times per week to be very kind to my skin, while at the same time cleaning my pores, etc. to leave me with an almost perfect complexion.  My face seems to look more relaxed after I finish also.  It is a syrup but it is very watery — not thick like you might anticipate.  I love using it and love the results even more.  Seriously, my skin is completely cleansed and not dried out – and the pores look much smaller which is a truly wonderful benefit to me.  I have humongous pores normally.  After these results I think I need to try some more of the Shea Terra Organic line!


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