Gotta Check This Out!!!!! Narciso Rodriguez for Her in Color eau de parfum



Narciso Rodriguez for her in color $84.00 by Narciso Rodriguez at Sephora

Each element of this ultra-sophisticated limited-edition fragrance has been enhanced to honor the original Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum. Vibrating and colorful top notes have been added to the fragrance. The bottle is dressed up with one absolute color, fuschia. And the outer packaging has a wink at Narciso Rodriguez fashion collages.

Makeup Addict just finished reading an article on this perfume and then saw Denise’s review of the Lippmann Collection ~ Stormy Weather Nail Lacquer created  by Narciso Rodriguez.  So now I am truly intrigued by the article — it is not an ad but a brief article titled ‘ Fall-Tastic Quick Fixes for Skin, Hair and Bod’ in the October Redbook under Beauty Shopper.  Let me quote so you will understand why it facinated me:  “Crazy-sexy perfume  Spritz on this sultry scent laced with amber and vanilla, and he’ll want to skip the after-dinner movie (and dinner? That would be you!)  Narciso Rodriguez for Her in Color eau de parfum, $84 for 1.6 oz.”   That is a very interesting description and definitely worth investigation.


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