Joico ~ K-Pak Color Therapy Reconstructive Styling Oil

Seals and nourishes the cuticle to lock in color….Strengthens, protects and repairs hair like only K-PAK can….Imparts vibrant, color-enhancing shine…. Conditions hair for incredible softness and smoothness….Dramatically reduces drying and styling time avail @ Amazon for $15.00

cakedoo1 says… I love using styling oils.. I am telling you for the longest time I always thought that since my hair was so fine that I wasn’t a good candidate to use.. I was wrong… I don’t style my doo without an oil.. I get the best shine, manageability and smooth look when using.. Since I mentioned my hair being fine this also meant a couple of days of finding the right amount to apply to my locks.. Once I got it, I am good to go, I use a little less than a quarter sized portion and rub into my freshly washed and towel dried locks.. Once my hair is dry, well that is where I see the difference in my hair.. It looks so smooth, very few fly aways and it’s super shiny.. When I apply I rub in both of my hands and massage from the tips to the roots.. It’s got a little scent but nothing perfumy or heavy, it’s gone once my doo is dry.. I feel like my hair responds so positively to this product, it has bounce and shine.. It feels super soft and all I need to do once I have styled, I quickly pass a straightening iron through my locks and I am done.. It comes out great daily,, I don’t notice any build up or my hair not responding… I do use a clarifying shampoo once a week so I am sure this helps out.. I do color my hair and since using the color is vibrant and shiny… I have been using for almost an entire color cycle and my hair doesn’t look brassy or dull at all, this really does coat my locks and protect my hair.. It’s great!!


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