Leonor Greyl ~ Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase

LAIT LUMINESCENCE is a leave-in, de-tangling styling product with exceptional smoothing properties. It nourishes, aids the styling of the most difficult hair and enhances luminosity for the hair lacking shine. This product is full of plant extracts, vegetal oils, and, of course, formulated without silicone. Has UV/UB protection.

How to use:
Shake before use. After shampooing, apply to damp hair, length and ends, to de-tangle and protect the hair. Also us before exposure to the sun or after swimming for its protective properties.

Ali Says…What a great product! First, make sure you shake the bottle thoroughly before use as it separate (kind of like water and oil). Once shaken, you can see the liquid is a creamy in color looking substance…actually almost looks like milk. I applied a few sprays to my damp hair and combed through. I instantly noticed the ease in which I was able to do so. The ingredients went right to work. After blow drying and styling my hair, I noticed a huge different in how silky and shiny my hair was. I could easily run my fingers through my hair with no problems. It did not weigh my hair down one bit, and left my hair feeling amazing. As I was blow drying my hair, it kept my hair from tangling and knotting up as it usually does. I still can’t get over how silky my hair was. This is the time of year when my hair starts getting staticy. I wish it would wait, but the minute summer ends, BOOM, static. I felt like this product will be a good deterrent to this. It added a little moisture, while also allowing me to smoothly run my brush through my hair, not snagging on knots and tangles. There is no smell and it is very light weight. I would definitely recommend this for use after swimming in the pool or the ocean or even just a day at the beach as it really helps alleviate tangles.


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