Talika ~ Smile & Kiss

Talika Smile and Kiss smile booster $35.00 by Talika at DERMAdoctor

Talika Smile & Kiss Smile Booster is a handy double-sided applicator thatmakes it easy to keep teeth sparkling and lips glittering and looking their best. Ultraportable to touch up your ivories and freshen tired lips anytime, anywhere. The all-natural solution to a dazzling smile. Lips: Bring back the color, bring back the life! Nourish tired, withered lips with this natural formula of peptides, marine collagen, plant extracts, and essential oils of cinnamon and ginger. Instantly rehydrate and repair dry lips, reduce lines and lip creases, and revive the natural color and beauty of your lips. Teeth: Whiten yellowed teeth and chase stains instantly with this non-abrasive gel enriched with the safe, effective hydrogen peroxide formula approved by dental professionals around the world. Also contains essential oils of mint and lemon for an immediate sensation of freshness.

Ali Says…What an innovative product! Everything to do with a bigger, brighter, beautiful smile, all wrapped up in a tiny tube that can easily go where you go. Can’t beat that! When I first untwisted the cap for the teeth whitener, I was nervous that it was going to taste bad. Assumption #1….wrong! The Talika teeth whitening formula has NO taste at all. It was great. I applied after brushing, so the only “taste” that would remain in my mouth, was the fresh minty flavor from my toothpaste! Unlike many other teeth whitening products I’ve used, Talika was not messy at all. With an easy to use applicator wand, all you have to do is brush on the formula to each tooth. I only did my visible teeth, so I could get the most out of the tube. After 28 days (recommended use) I can say my teeth have a noticeable whiter shade to them. I was very impressed! Not once did the formula irritate my sensitive teeth. I would love to have a larger tube for longer use! In regards to the lip enhancer, again, I was skeptical. Would this really work? Assumption #2…wrong again! On this end of the tube, the lip enhancer was applied with a differnt brush, one that was more sponge like (typical in lip glosses, I guess you could say). It went on easy and had a slight taste of vanilla. Instantly I could feel my lips being moisturized. When I would apply at night, each morning I would wake up with super soft, totally kissable lips. I really felt like my lips were transformed. They were much healthier….no cracks, splits, discoloration, etc. The Talika definitely evened out the coloring of my lips and they look extra healthy. I didn’t notice too much of a bigger pout per se, but I already have pretty full lips. The formula worked more for me on making my lips healthier. This end of the tube would be a perfect thing to have for the winter time. Excellent lip repair. Overall, or 28 days I tested both ends of the tube, and I am happy with both sets of results!



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