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nails inc. Nail Polish $9.50 by Nails Inc at Sephora

Professionally formulated, catwalk inspired nail colors.

This formulation has been specially created and developed using the latest professional technologies for instant and exceptional results. The formulation is long lasting, ultra glossy, and easy to apply so that you get the best possible results every time. All of nails inc. polishes and products are named after iconic places in the UK and streets in London in order to celebrate the brand’s British heritage. The range includes shades such as “Piccadilly Circus,” “The Mall” (where you will find Buckingham Palace), and “The Thames,” the most famous river in the UK.

METSV says:   I DARE you to try to just buy one bottle of this….I will put money on it that you can’t just own one.  As soon as you see the amazing array of color choices you’ll have at least half a dozen in your basket…but it doesn’t just stop at traditional color.  Nails Inc. has the latest and greatest in metallics, glimmers, and crackle nail color which is blazing hot right now….plus they are all formulated without any of the harmful stuff that some polishes contain… but I digress….let’s talk about my current two colors – different as night and day but equally as nice –

Victoria – Isn’t she pretty?  I love this color – it’s like a dark wine with a purpley hue… Can I tell you how quickly these dry?  One of the fastest drying nail polishes I’ve ever used…and though I am a big fan of a huge nail polish company who uses three initials as its name, these absolutely will be competition for it…like if you’re in Sephora and you normally head straight for “that” brand, you may just find yourself hovering over at Nails Inc. instead.    Victoria is darker than what I’m used to wearing, but with the fall coming and it being the perfect color for fall, I thought “why not”.  Why not is RIGHT!  Victoria is so pretty – lovely gloss to it too.  I feel so glamourous with this on and it lasts forever.  It’s the perfect pinot noir and though it’s gorgeous for night and for parties, it looks just as amazing during the day.

Wellington Square – This we used on my DD and she still has it on now which is a testament to how pretty it is as she’s constantly changing her nail color.   Wellington Square is a pretty shade of pinky-peach; very feminine, classic, and classy.  Great polish for day time and professional look – and did I mention how quickly it dries?  Both my DD and I couldn’t believe the quick dry time – and not even with a top coat!    She has been packing for school and has not been gentle on her hands and nails, but even after a few days, it’s not chipping, a miracle for my daughter!

I can almost guarantee that there will be some diehard brand-loyalists who will be converted to Nails Inc….some may never look back to the brands they used to use, and some might just be happy to know that there is another choice for top quality, gorgeous nail polish.    Head over to your local Sephora – who just recently got these in – and have a field day….




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