Dr. Jules Nabet ~ Zen Attitiude Anti-Aging Cream


Dr. Nabet’s Zen Attitude’s powerful hydrating cream improves the appearance of skin while providing essential protection to produce outstanding results. Soya and Yam (natural Pyto enzymes) blended with Vitamins F and E are delivered by the regulator Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) to combat the visible signs of stress, environmental pollutants, unwanted toxins and temperature changes. Ideal for those with demanding lifestyles and regular travelers.


METSV says:  I had to chuckle when I first read the description of Zen Attitude on the “official”  Dr. Jules Nabet page.   The translated words say “when the female hormones are going low, a very effective action for when the skin is coming floppy”.  Ah yes, sad but true….my skin is indeed becoming “floppy”!  What a lovely way of saying sagging and wrinkled….but I digress…bottom line is I LOVE this cream.  Oh yes indeed.  I have been using it daily – it is the perfect amount of hydration and soft moistuization without being oily, greasy, or irritating.  I look forward to using this every morning.  It has all sorts of great ingredients in it for skin health – especially skin of a certain age. Ingredients include natural phyto-hormones, vitamin E and F and Siberian Ginseng – all combine to fight the signs of an aging and tired face..I love what it does for my skin – like an instant pick me up.  Immediately my face is so soft and it looks creamy and healthy.  I will use this cream until the very last drop – (love the pump bottle too).   I will also be checking out more from Dr. Nabet.  Great line of skincare.

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