LP Skin Therapy ~ Multi-Task Day Cream

Multi-task day cream  £47.00 or roughly $77.00 avail from LP Skin Therapy

Stressed skin can become less supple & less hydrated so this day cream works every bit as hard as you do throughout the day to put back moisture and help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Packed with actives, vitamins and ingredients containing nootropics this day cream will have a calming effect on the skin and help regulate mood. Refining and replenishing, this day cream also helps to reinforce the skin’s natural moisturising barrier giving your complexion a smoother, more toned appearance. Fragranced with energising pomegranate. Suitable for all skin types.

cakedoo1 says.. I hit the jackpot!! I love, love, love this day cream.. It’s so nourishing and moisturizing.. I just can’t get enough of it.. I use every morning under my sunscreen and it plumps up my skin, replenishes it and gives me the foundation I need for my cosmetics to look better and stay on longer.. I get no slipping of any makeup either.. It is scented with pomegranate, it’s a succulent rich tangy scent that is mouthwatering.. It isn’t heavy or perfume-like, just fresh and natural.. I love the scent, it’s a nice added bonus.. Now this has been in my regiment for a few weeks now and I am telling you AMAZING! it’s summer here, not humid so it takes a special kind of skincare to stand up to the humidity and this does, it never melts away on my face and always keeps me in check.. I have no dry spots or oily zones either.. I use a serum before applying and it really gives my serum the added bonus of allowing all the actives of the serum to penetrate my skin then the multi-task adds all of their actives and my skin is VIBRANT, no dullness or sallow looks, just fresh healthy skin! Worth every penny / pence!!


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