Shea Terra Organics ~ Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel

Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel     avail @ Shea Terra Organics $24.00

Description 99.5% Pure & Natural. Heal acne, burns, razor burns, nicks, cuts, wounds, bites and more all at amazing speed. Rare Cape Aloe is known to be the world’s most active aloe.  Not only does Cape Aloe work miracles on burns, damaged skin and shaving wounds, but it also acts as a firming toner, hydrator and moisturizing agent. Use on face and legs after shaving, apply before using facial moisturizer, or even apply to cuticles to repair damaged skin. The long list of uses is endless.

cakedoo1 says.. When I first got this, I was stuck on the Healing Gel part, thinking very closed mindedly to the powers and all of the ways to utilize Cape Aloe.. I started off using on my skin if I got too much sun or if I had itchy area.. Well, that was short lived after checking out Shea’s website and seeing all of the uses.. I swear this is one of the most versatile products on the market, a little for this a little for that.. The uses that I am stuck on are my cuticles, legs and underarms after shaving and bug bites.. Now this is conveniently packaged away in a nice glass bottle with a pump, the pump is the best feature allowing for even distribution and no over use..

I apply all over my legs after shaving acts like a light moisturizer and calms any and all razor burmps or irritated area, especially the ones where I draw a little blood.. Cape Aloe is amazing, it never stings or burns, goes on smoothly, NEVER sticky and feels invisible.. What it does leave behind is hydrated and soft skin along with the power of healing and taking the waiting time out of all the little red bumps I get, they don’t last so long and my skin feels soothed..

Now for the occasional bug bite, I dap on where needed and this doesn’t immediately stop the itching but it does cut the pain and discomfort down.. It also makes it so when i do scratch, my skin isn’t flaking and rough looking.. It might have a couple of red areas but they don’t call out for any additional attention because of the bites, I do believe it cuts down on the discomfort time too!

For my cuticles, I apply daily, my cuticles are dry, I have gel nails and I was told to be sure and watch the cuticles so I apply in the AM and PM and the hard rough hang nails are a thing of the past also my cuticles don’t look dehydrated at all, the look healthy, no tears or rough areas.. Again this absorbs right in leaving no trace of it, my skin feels soft but not oily or sticky Cape Aloe seriously leaves nothing behind..

When applying it also feels cool so if you are hot it is very relaxing and soothing.. I also put in the fridge in times off need for a sunburn, why not?? It feels amazing.. I have found that a little goes a long way too.. Cape Aloe does have a scent, to me and I know this is going to sound strange but it almost smells like a jar of oiives its got that brine like scent.. It is not perfumed in the slightest, it’s a very natural calming scent..

I will continue to use and share with everyone I know! 🙂


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