LP Skin Therapy ~ Uplifting Facial Water


Dr. Linda calls this her first aid kit in a bottle! This uplifting facial water can be used after cleansing to balance & tone your skin. Alternatively you can spritz directly onto the face throughout the day for an instant, boosting pick me up – for both you and your skin. Contains Aloe Vera & Hibiscus Extract to help soothe and calm the skin and Colloid PMG -WP, a source of hydrolysed wheat protein and 24 carat colloidal gold, to help fight the ageing process. Fragranced with gorgeous heady orange blossom.  For more info on the LP skin Therapy line visit the site here!

METSV says:  Well, this is a first for me….psychotherapy in a bottle or jar….who’d a thunk?  Dr. Linda Papadopoulos thunk, that’s who.  An incredibly unique and niche line developed to heal skin from the inside…starting with our wellbeing.  It is so true that stress, anxiety, life in general..can wreak havoc on our skin and age us before our time.    The good doctor is addressing all of that and more by developing this amazing zen-like line of skincare to not only help our skin look better on the outside, but to help us feel better on the inside.  So I may be just a tad obsessed with this Facial Water.  I use it All. The. Time.  Morning, noon, right before bed…after applying makeup, right before applying makeup….. I love it – from the scent, to the ingredients,  to how it makes me feel and how it just gives my face a dewy freshness….yup, a keeper for sure.   It has been brutally warm here and I’ve just been spraying away to keep the sweats at bay…works like a charm…my face feels firmer too and I get an instant pick-me-up – I look less tired… so strange, but it WORKS.    I absolutely will be trying more from this line if the products are anywhere near as lovely as this.  I could use all the therapy I can get – outside AND in!  No other skincare line on the market like it as far as I know… I see there’s a starter kit to test drive the rest of her products…(and it also includes a little spray of the facial water – perfect for my pocketbook) I’m all over it….


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