Gotta Check This Out ~ Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation $40.00 Available @ Sephora

An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.

What it does:
This foundation creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It leaves your complexion with such a flawless finish, it can withstand bright or harsh lighting.

What else you need to know:
This Sephora-exclusive foundation comes in 25 shades to suit all skintones.


Makeup Addict has to check Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation out ASAP.  It is funny – I sometimes tune in to Wendy Williams who has the most beautiful compexion.  She has mentioned Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation several times.  I have never seen it anywhere and all of a sudden I saw a full page ad for it at Sephora.  Wendy specifically mentioned that many times when you see a TV or Movie star in a magazine who has the white under-eye look – they are wearing this.  She said cameras do that to it and she showed some pictures.  However, Wendy looks flawless in front of TV cameras.  She loves it and it does love her – when you see her skin.  I note that Sephora sells Makeup Forever’s Concealer – perhaps that will not give the white under eye appearance to you in a picture.  This is an important feature as you might appear in wedding photos with that look.  However, their makeup is ‘to die for’ per Wendy and if I can look as flawless (hahaha) I have to get it.  Maybe I can skip concealer when going to an event where cameras will be.  I just know Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation sounds perfect for everything not involving a camera.  I may visit Sephora today – that is how great an impression it made on me!!


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