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Lip Sync A True lip-loving dream team $24.00 avail @ Senna Cosmetics
A true lip-loving dream team. Long-lasting, delicious biscotti flavored and moisturizing lipstick and a complementary lipgloss in one elegant package. You’ll be plumping your pout too with collagen stimulating Maxi-Lip®. It’s not only that you have three different looks to play with, you’re going to save so much grief not having to dig for that lipgloss! Paraben-free.

cakedoo1 says.. Now, seriously, if you know anything about cosmetics then you already know Senna is amazing. I haven’t run into a Senna product that I didn’t instantly love.. Now when Lip Sync arrived, I instantly loved the 2 in 1.. When I am out, I want to travel light and I can’t tell you the last time I didn’t wear a gloss was.. The bonus here is a full lipstick encompassed within.. I am telling you this is a perfect duo, by having the power of the lipstick I get a deeper and longer coverage! I don’t have to lug 2 products along either.. I am officially a HUGH Lip Sync fan and would like to have every color in my arsenal.. I have Pink Mink, you can see the swatch.. In person the color of the gloss is more flecked and a little more peachy.. I can’t think of a better color for the summer, this is perfect to highlight a tan.. The lipstick is super creamy and NEVER dries on my lips or dries them out, it remains creamy and lightly plumps up my lips, no pain, no itchiness, NADA… So using just the lipstick alone is fine it’s got a cream finish, it completely covers my lip color, I have a deep lip color too so I LOVE that, I think it’s reminiscent of a 1950’s creamy pinky nude color.. Now the gloss is so light.. I mean there is no stickiness at ALL. It feels super comfortable and wears really well. It doesn’t slide off and just disappear, I got some good wear when wearing alone or with the lipstick.. Alone it’s a great pinky peach with a pop of golden fleck that catch the light and draw attention to the lips.. like a ray of golden sun… My preference is to wear together, I like the coverage of the lipstick with the shine and glow of the gloss, the pairing is PERFECTO… I have been wearing on the daily! It’s great for day and night.. The price is right too, you get so much for SO little..


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