Pure Fuji ~ Exotic Bath & Body Oil – Pineapple

Exotic Bath & Body Oil – Pineapple

For centuries Pacific islanders have used a blend of virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extracts to moisturize, nourish and protect both skin and hair. This nourishing blend absorbs quickly and will rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and nourish your skin. Use as a massage oil, bath oil or daily moisturizing treatment.
avail @ Pure Fuji for $35.95

cakedoo1 says… I have grown to REALLY like body oils, I used to despise them but now they are one of my favorite body products.. Pure Fuji is a premier line, offering a wide range of great body products that have the most amazing scents.. I got their bath & body oil in Pineapple. It isn’t a sugary sweet scented oil, it’s DEFINITELY pineapple but without the heavy perfumed sweetness. it’s got a bit of sweet but it’s more light and subtle. I have been using on the daily after showering.. It’s so easy to apply I probably use about a tsp of oil for each leg then about a tsp for my entire upper body.. It’s a light oil that is easy to apply and spread around. I do get a little sheen after use too.. I like it, it’s summer so why not.. I probably give myself about 3-5 minutes after application to get dressed so I prance around getting my clothes together, by the time I am done, I can get dressed. My clothing doesn’t stick or cling to my skin, they feel comfortable and no staining or marks on them..

Now this was the first time I have used a body oil in the tub, I know this is a bath oil too but I just never have tried.,, Almost immediately the bathroom filled up with the most amazing pineapple scent.. So rich and pretty.. The water doesn’t suds up at all.. I probably added out 2 tsp of oil to the bath, I could see it swishing around on top of the water till I got in and swished myself around.. My skin loved it! I am telling you when I was done bathing what soft, nourished skin I had.. I did this in the evening and it was amazing, take my advice, a must try.. I didn’t even need to add anymore oil, I was all set.. My skin has been very thankful to Pure Fuji since it’s gotten the opportunity to use! Amazing and not like any other bath line.. I am in dire need of the trip to Fuji to see the operations!


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