Mally Beauty ~ Share the Love 10 pc Makeup Kit

This expansive collection showcases Mally’s professional and high-performance products, encouraging women to empower other women with a giftable component. That’s what Mally’s all about–sharing the love–her secrets and insights into how to look and feel your best. Because beauty is best when shared!

* 0.10 oz eye amplifying shadow liner in Chestnut (a brown shade)
* Two 0.10 oz lip magnifiers in Punch (pink) and Blush (sheer pink)-
* 0.26 oz 24/7 illuminating blush in Pink Satin-
* 0.3oz Poreless Perfection shaded skin finisher in choice of Fair/Light, Medium, Tan, or
* 0.01 oz Evercolor automatic eyeliner in Deepest Brown
* Two 0.39 fl oz volumizing mascaras in Black–Give one as a gift!
* Double-ended 24/7 blush brush
* Mini kabuki brush
* Sharpener
* Organza pouch
* Kindness is the New Black tote

avail @ QVC for $65.46

Cakedoo1 says… Now when this kit came it, it was so large it was worth it to split up and share the Mally love!! So I took the mini kabuki brush, double ended blush brush, blush and poreless perfection skin finisher… So of course I was super excited to get the chance to try Mally’s blush & poreless finisher… It’s HOT here and all the help I can get is necessary.. I love a natural finish but need some help in achieving it. I can’t just got out without anything on! ūüôā So the compact with the blushes is great, you get a cream an powder.. I use the cream as more of a highlighter, it give me that reflective glow that catches the light for the fresh pretty look.. The powder blush is great too, it’s a really it goes on light and stays on, even in this hot humid weather, it stands up to the weather and looks great from the morning to night.. It becomes one with my skin and doesn’t make me look made up.. perfect finish! Now, the brushes that come with are PERFECT for traveling. They are short and easily fit my away cosmetic bag.. The kabuki is my fav, I bring it everywhere, it’s perfect for getting that light airbrushed look but also perfect for re-invigorating my look, at the end of the day when I want the fresh look I just go over my face and it instantly boost my look and makes my makeup look freshly applied.. I am also using the pore-less perfection.. it’s a super finely milled powder that goes on like air but deposits just enough color to finish my look, leaving me looking natural and fresh.. My own skin’s radiance shines though and all the little imperfections are gone, it is light but if I need a little more coverage I use the double ended brush and use the blush brush and apply more like a concealer, it works perfectly and it too is light but I get the coverage I need. It never flakes or looks heavy.. I also don’t get matte but a nice natural look.. I love Mally’s line, these products ROCK!!

Makeup Addict says….. I love the Mally Volumizing Mascara — it does what it claims and does an excellent job.¬† My lashes go from -0 to 10+ in no time flat.¬† It seems like your everyday mascara, except that you can REALLY see more volume with each coat.¬† Personally, I do not run into any clumps — but I always use an eyelash comb/brush anyway to really separate the lashes and I ended up with a supermodel look after a few coats (Okay, so my lashes had the supermodel look – NOT the rest of me).¬† However, my eyes really did take on a cover girl look¬†when I combined the Mally Volumizing Mascara with either the Mally Evercolor Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner and/or the Mally Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner Pencil.¬†¬†¬†I have hazel eyes and used the Deepest Brown Mally Evercolor Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner which just happens to be one of the smoothest and easiest to apply Eyeliners I have worked with.¬† Even my unsteady hand did not screw up the application.¬† My hand got more steady as I continued the application and zip – I had it on in no time.¬† It just glides on and really accentuates my eyes.¬† It is seriously one of the easiest eyeliners I have applied.¬†¬†¬†¬†The Mally Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner Pencil is an ingenious little tool¬† I got this in Chestnut and one end is the¬†Gorgeous Shadow ¬†and the other the Eyeliner. Again, Mally seems to have perfected the Liner for application while the shadow just goes on so smoothly.¬† The combination makes your eyes pop.¬† Put the Mally Volumizing Mascara together with either of these and you end up with supermodel eyes.¬† Actually, my eyes looked super with the liner/shadow only — but they really burst upon the scene with the mascara.¬† These came with a sharpener which is perfect to keep them at their working best.¬† Once I got my eyes to shine I went on to my lips.¬† I have Mally Lip Magnifier Lip Color Pencils in both Blush and Punch.¬† Let me say that Mally has the¬† covered with these pencils.¬† They go on so smoothly that I was surprised.¬† I usually have the pencil sticking or pulling at my skin a little, even with the lightest touch and that happens with both eye liners and lip colors!!¬†¬† Not Mally – they just go on so easily and either of my colors easily made my lips look a bit fuller.¬† I was able to go outside my actual lip line without appearing like a clown.¬† They actually added to my line and made my lips appear like they were fuller to start with.¬† I did not look ridiculous (like some stars do with the overly exaggerated lips or overblown lips).¬† They look a bit fuller and like they should be that size.¬† Both colors are very flattering and have serious staying power.¬† I find it impossible to pick a favorite between the two as I really love both of them.¬† Mally has both my eyes and my lips glowing with these products and then I went on to more of her wondrous make up.¬† Absolutely LOVE Mally!!!


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