Sultra ~ Curl Safe w/ Thermastress Complex Protective Spray

Sultra Curl Safe With ThermastressTM Complex Protective Spray $18.00 at Sephora

A styling spray that protects hair from heat damage. What it does: For heat-styled curls, waves and volume, Curl Safe is the essential protective and reparative spray. Alcohol-free Aquaflex™ holds your look while Sultra’s ThermaStress® Complex mends and defends your hair from heat damage and color fade while you style.


cakedoo1 says.. Curl Safe is a product that if you are using a curling iron or rod that you NEED to incorporate into your styling regimen.. I am never one to spend when not needed and this is NEEDED.. I dry my hair and spritz on before the iron hits my hair.. OK, I am using this with the Sultra Bombshell, so there is a synergy there that can’t be denied! The spritz is light, almost a mist.. it’s got a light scent too – kind of a light coconut scent.. It’s so light.. I really like it.. When I used the an iron without the spray, my hair lacks shine and the curl doesn’t look as smooth and peicy.. I also think the curl doesn’t hold as well.. Curl Safe gives my hair a super shiny finish.. it also keeps the curl in tact for a longer time, it gives the curl a finished look… Also my hair glides over the iron, it never catches or sticks.. I am telling you curl safe protects from the hot heat… Damage is non-existent when using.. My hair is healthy, it’s not brittle, dry or breaking.. Curl Safe nourishes my hair, makes it super soft and doesn’t weigh it down.. it’s really weightless in my locks and just adds that finish that I can’t achieve without!


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