Aveeno ~ Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Sunblock SPF 30

Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Sunblock Lotion Spf 30 $10.99 by Aveeno at Ulta

Aveeno baby natural protection sunblock stick contains mineralblock technology with 100% naturally-sourced active ingredients such as skin soothing natural oat, a more natural alternative which is a gentle formula for baby’s sensitive skin. Mineralblock technology provides superior, long-lasting sun protection. It forms a protective barrier on top of baby’s skin that scatters both uva and uvb rays. Only aveeno baby natural protection formula combines skin-soothing active naturals oat with mineralblock technology to ensure that your baby’s sensitive skin is protected and not irritated. Uses: helps prevent sunburn. Higher spf gives more sunburn protection. Retains spf after 80 minutes of activity in the water, sweating, or perspiring. Provides high protection against sunburn. For skin highly sensitive to sunburn.

Ali Says…While clearly I’m not a baby, and I don’t have a baby either, I wasn’t able to use this for it’s intended target market. I did however, use it on myself, and had great results. The sunblock was formulated to be used on the sensitive skin of babies…lucky for me, I have sensitive skin too! I used the sunblock on both my face and shoulders, as they are typically my two most easily burnable places. One application of the sunblock lasted me a few hours before I reapplied. I am always overly careful with sunblocks due to my fair skin…I take extra care of it! The sunblock is rather thick and you really have to rub it in good. I found that I had a white build up around my hair line from the sunblock, so rubbing in extra hard is needed. I think it’s safe to say since babies have minimal hair, they may not have this problem! There was no scent and since it was so thick, little was needed, so this small tube will last a while. There was no oily residue, which many sunblocks leave behind and my skin was not irritated at all. Overall a good sunscreen, one I’ll recommend to my pregnant friends for their babies!



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