Sheercover ~ Lip to Lids Highlighter (pink)

Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighter
• For eyelids, cheeks, lips, décolleté, even shoulders. Anywhere you need a luminous, healthy-looking lift, this radiant, loose powder lets you brighten and illuminate your skin tone.
• Available in Pink for a delicate rose glow, Bronze for a healthy-looking flush of warmth and Peach for a striking sun-kissed look.
avail from for $19.95

cakedoo1 says.. Ok, not if you look at my pic on this site, you will see that I am FAIR.. I am talking glow in the dark pale. I have a tough time with a lot of highlighter because they are too dark for me so I end up using the teeniest amount and get ample coloration.. I have found that with Sheercover, the pink works for me.. I am so picky about highlighters too, I don’t like too much sheen and glow, I want the balance of perfectly finished skin with a touch of sheen.. I am able to achieve the look I want with no effort.. I apply this is a fluffy bronzer brush, tap before applying and swirl lightly over the apples of my cheeks bringing the brush up my cheek, I lightly dust on my chin & nose too, I mean LIGHTLY.. I instantly get a warmed up grow that looks healthy and natural, not fake at all.. I seriously use a very small amount and have been using for over a month and have a ton left.. I love that this is ONLY $20! On my skin it lasts all day long too, not need for re-touches and it has a really nice reflective quality, just gives my pale complexion a radiant summer boost that I will be able take right into the fall! I also wear on my lips too, it is perfect on my nude lip with a touch of clear gloss or lip balm.. It leave my lip with an opalesccent look that is shimmery and light.. Looks fab for the evening just a light dress up!


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