Juiliette Has A Gun ~ Miss Charming Eau de Parfum

Miss Charming bats her eyelashes with innocence and virginal sweetness, a gentle rose scent sweetened with a burst of wild fruits and set upon on a bed of cream colored silk. Happy go lucky and bouncy, Miss Charming is instantly pleasing and ripe with enthusiasm, a delicious fruity floral that radiates smiles n’ sunshine. Its modest rose is coupled with perky and fresh berries, resulting in a wispy and flirty perfume that brightens any occasion. We bet your friends and coworkers will stand a little closer when you wear this, smile a little more and chat a little longer. Perhaps it might be your sparkling wit and scintillating conversation, but we suspect it’s just Miss Charming working her sweet, sweet magic.

Miss Charming Notes Moroccan rose, musk, wild fruits.

Avail @ Juliette Has A Gun $85-$110

cakedoo1 says.. First off look at the amazing packaging.. I love it, this Eau de Parfum is housing in such a lovely container and box.. I am just smitten with it!  It’s officially summer here and I think this is a perfect scent for the summer, it’s got a really fresh, crisp fruity scent.. It reminds me of summer, it’s got that berry happy thing going on.. I spray on my nape and wrists once… This isn’t a heavy overbearing scent at all.. I wear it, it doesn’t wear me.. I have been wearing everyday and it’s the kind of scent that just carries happiness with it.. It’s got this nose tingly sparkly scent to it.. It is full of rose scent too, but it’s really nice and not sure strong.. I think it has great wear, it lasts all day and doesn’t need a re-spritz! I do give myself a spray for the evening, no one wants to go out with a little boost right? Now when I first apply, it’s got that fruity crisp scent but when it really dries down that is when the rose peers it head and remains but light touches of the fruitiness.. it’s a keeper and a summer hit for me.. Juliette Has a Gun and I have my Miss Charming!! It’s amazing!!


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