LaLicious ~ Scented Body Oil

This all-natural body oil is made with coconut oil which absorbs quickly and easily into your skin, leaving it moisturized and protected without feeling greasy. Macadamia nut oil is a luxurious oil known to also moisturize and protect the skin. Almond and vitamin-e oils condition, moisturize, and smooth you to perfection! 8oz

avail @ LaLicious for $24.00

Lily Mango Scent – This sexy but subtle scent surprises people because they can’t quite place the floral or fruit notes. This is truly our most unique fragrance which brings together hints of lilies in bloom and the sweet scent of juicy mangos.

cakedoo1 says… I don’t have a lot of experience dabbling with body oils. I was always under the impression that they would make my skin oily and greasy so I have always stayed away… I am so happy I got the opportunity to try out LaLicious’s body oil because i am a total convert now! I have this in Lily Mango, it’s scrumptious.. It’s juicy and lightly floral.. This body oil is sensitive to the temperature too.. I did notice when I have the ac on the oil does firm up a bit and is more like a cream coming out.. The oil is thick and easy to spread.. I love, love love using on my legs it really transforms my skin.. It’s so nourished and hydrated.. My skin also feels so soft and NOT oily in the least. I can get dressed about 2 minutes after application.. I don’t have any problems the oil absorbing into my skin… It feels amazing and my skin is totally nourished all day.. I can show off my skin during the summer and feel confident that my skin will NEVER look dry, ashy or cracked.. I am talking serious repair.. I also use in the evening with cotton gloves.. It makes my hands so soft and smooth and my cuticles have never looked so good, instant moisture that lasts and by the morning, my paws are as soft as a baby’s bum! 🙂


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