CocoKefir ~ Refreshing Probiotic Drink (Citrus)


CocoKefir™ Young Coconut Kefir restores your body with the healthful benefits of live probiotics and raw nutrients. It has a sweet, delicious taste that children and adults enjoy, is gluten free, dairy free, naturally low in sugar, fat free, and low calorie.

Benefits include:

• Promotes balanced flora in the G.I. tract, improving digestion and immune defense
• Reduces sugar cravings
• Contains valuable nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese 
• Increases energy and overall feeling of good health

CocoKefir beverages are powerful fermented foods – raw, unpasteurized with no preservatives. Never diluted with filtered water or flavored with additives, CocoKefir is always made with 100% raw young coconut water (often mistakenly referred to as coconut juice) and/or other organic juice (depending on product).

For more information on where to purchase and pricing please visit CocoKefir

METSV says:  We’re listening to our readers who have requested reviews on consumable products that make us beautiful on the inside as well as out.   We’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to trial some great products – and here I think we’ve come upon a real gem…. CocoKefir was brought to our attention by a coworker and we knew we had to contact them.  It’s genius actually – combining fresh, young coconut water with kefir.  Can you say health benefits — it’s a combo powerhouse.   I got to trial the new flavor – Citrus.   Tart and sweet, it tastes yummy.    I’ve been drinking coconut water forever, but kefir was somewhat new to me… don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried it before, but never was a huge fan even though I knew the benefits…..anyway, heeding the advice of the directions, I eased myself into it, starting with one tablespoon, working my way to two, etc., until I was at the recommended 1/2 cup.  I took mine at night, though the choice is yours on when to take.   I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to look for, what to notice – but here’s what happened… I am a candy-freak.   I love it – give me Smarties, StarBursts, Skittles;  I can’t turn ’em down.  I keep them in my office for both myself and for anyone who comes around the corner and reaches in to grab a handful.  Typically, I eat them all day long…not huge gobfuls, no, just a few here and there (I know, I know…) but these past couple of weeks I have barely touched them… So. Weird.  I just haven’t felt like eating them.  I find myself reaching for healthy snacks like almonds or a V8 juice.  It’s like my sugar-addiction is nearly completed abated.  Here’s what else I noticed – my stomach feels less bloated.  In just two weeks, I lost 3 lbs without doing anything different.  Is that a bunch of weight?  No – but for me, who can’t lose a pound even if I starve myself…I couldn’t believe it.  Finally, and this is pretty significant – I have a patch of excema on the inside of my right knee that is pretty persistant…it had started to flare up again and I usually use a steroid cream to keep it under control…I am not kidding, I haven’t had to use anything.  No itching, no flare up… this never happens – can I 100% say it’s due to the CocoKefir?  Of course not, but nothing else changed.   I’ve had this for at least 5 years.  So there you have it… I want to continue to explore the health benefits of this great drink, so I will be ordering more.  I can not wait to see what continued use will do for me as I continue to navigate my 40’s and try to be as healthy as I can.   Please read the inspiring story of founders Michael and Holly on the CocoKefir website and do yourself a favor and get in on this delicious and truly nutritious drink.

A.J. says:  As someone who consumes very little dairy, I was extremely happy to discover dairy-free Coco Kefir as a source to get probiotics.  I have tried kefir in the past but could not get past the flavo; just not a fan, but the Coco Kefir was waaaayyy easier for me to drink and it didn’t have that acidic smell that traditional kefir tends to have.   I tried the Apple Cinnamon flavor Coco Kefir, which has a sweet taste.   I work in the fitness industry, and my body is on the go all day long, I’m constantly looking for natural ways to get more energy! Coco Kefir did just that, I felt really good after having it in the morning. I also take the CocoKefir right before bed on an empty stomach and i’ve noticed it helps me “stay regular” the next morning.   As a personal trainer, my clients are always asking me what they can do nutritionally to help stay healthy and fit – I will absolutely recommend they add Coco Kefir to their routines.

Cid says:  Really loved it/  After just one bottle I could feel a difference. I just felt better somehow — more stamina during workouts, better digestion.   I loved that it is dairy free, it tastes pretty good too. I would certainly purchase this again.



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