CARGO ~ Essential Eye Palette/Smoky Eye

CARGO Essential Eye Palette, Smoky Eye $32.00 by CARGO at

Our Essential Palette goes smoky! Now you can create gorgeous smoky eyes like a pro make-up artist. Four coordinated eye shadows are each embossed with an application instruction (Browbone, Lid, Crease & Outer Corner) making application a breeze. Use the darkest shade wet or dry to line the eyes. Made in Canada

METSV says:  True story:  My niece, who will be turning 21 next month, is just venturing into the world of eyeshadow and recently had asked me “auntie, what color do I put on my lid, and how do I do the crease thing?”    No need for me to have to explain – I just showed her with this palette.  That was the good news.  The bad news (for me anyway) is that she absconded with it.   Actually, I let her borrow it for a big event she has coming up…now that she knows which color goes where, she’ll be all set.  The colors in this palette will absolutely give you that smokey look that is so IN right now and they will go with any skintone.  She’s as blonde and as fair as can be and I’m yellow toned and …not-so-blonde and these look really nice on me as well, go figure.  We both have blue eyes and these colors really enhance them.  CARGO makes it easy by showing you what color goes where on your eye, but truth be told…. I am obsessed with wearing the crease color all over my eye…hopefully the CARGO police don’t show up and arrest me.  I wear the crease color all over then use the darker color as my liner as well as in the outer corners.   This is not one of those collections where you like one or two of the colors and the others go unloved and unused.   Nope.  You’ll use them all.  What’s also cool about this palette is that with a light hand the colors are perfectly wearable for day; then if you’re going out and looking for a bit of a dramatic look just apply a little more of the darker color as a liner.  All of the Essential Eye collections feature beautiful, silky colors that are gorgeous on any shade of skin and eye color.

cakedoo says… Check out that palette! It’s super cool and the colors are amazing.. It’s 2011 and who doesn’t love a smoky eye? No one right? I know so when Cargo was generous enough to send us their new smoky eye palette, I scooped this up and wouldn’t let go.. First off, you know I love the palette itself, it’s really streamlined and cool looking, it’s easy to open and within  there is a little clear card, if you will that shows exactly how to apply for that perfect smoky look.. I have small eyes, so I can’t go overboard on the smoke, I end up looking like I have no eyes.. HA! So this shadow has a nice consistency, its glides on and doesn’t fade, smudge or settle in the crease.. I am telling you it stands up to my day and I can be out a long time.. I never have to touch up, the only time I do is when I am going out for the evening.. I like to ramp up the color and have a little deeper tones..

I am wearing this look to work and I love it, it changes the way my eyes look too, I have hazel eyes and it brings out the blue grey typically ever color I wear picks up the green so this is a cool departure..


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