Ambre ~ Unmasque Essence Body Cream


Ambre Unmasque Essence Body Cream  Specially Priced @ $44.00  Available @ Ambre

Cream contains everything yummy the skin adores
Made from shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil & green tea
Pure unmasque essence oil radiates off the skin
Recommended by dermatologists for many common skin ailments
Nearly 20ml of oil essence in each jar
Over a 35% savings by buying the 8.5 oz body cream


Makeup Addict says that Ambre Unmasque Essence Body Cream claims it contains everything the skin adores.  Well, they aren’t exaggerating.  My skin drinks this up so fast.  My skin has always had a soft spot for vitamin E anyway. . . but all of the other great ingredients for the skin just make it irresistable to my skin.  I notice that they say it is recommended by dermatologists for many skin ailments so I tried it on some trouble spots and they are not  lying.   Those little areas of dyiness and peeling healed up very nicely.  I found it to be very close to fragrance-free which I really like.  I don’t want to put conflicting frangrances on and wonder why the perfume does not smell right.  Ambre Unmasque Essence Body Cream really does give the body a wonderfully smooth and hydrated feeling.  How can you go wrong when you take a peek at the list of ingredients.  Just a few of them would be great – but all of them together are a big treat for your skin.  It will show you its appreciation by looking and feeling its best!!!!


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