CARGO ~ Blu_ray Concealer

Cargo Blu_ray Concealer $28.00 by CARGO at Ulta

Lighten, brighten and tighten! This concealer by CARGO offers professional coverage with the skin softening effects of a wrinkle eliminator in one easy product. Created for high-definition filming to provide picture-perfect results while looking completely natural. A concealer and wrinkle eliminator in one!This weather resistant and long wearing concealer by CARGO provides foundation like coverage for select areas. The formula contains light diffusing pigments to create a natural, fresh look and Vilsilox, a state of the art cosmetic alternative to Botox to smooth fine lines and wrinkles! The creamy texture is buildable, blendable and longwearing. A can’t-live-without concealer that is a favorite on the hottest Hollywood sets! Key ingredients: Vilsilox:


METSV says:  Hi Def, 3D, Blu_ray…. It’s tough keeping up with all the advancements make- up has made to help keep us flawless – or at least mask any imperfections.  CARGO gives us a great concealer from their Blu_Ray collection.   A click up pen dispenser ensures that you won’t have any waste and I’m not kidding this creamy concealer does a great job covering dark circles, hyperpigmentation spots, and redness from breakouts.  I click and swipe with my finger, then dab on the offending areas..wait a couple of seconds then blend in to my skin.   Anything I don’t want to show is instantly hidden – and it stays that way all day.  No need for reapplying.  Love that.  I can see that this would be great for brides or anyone who has a photo shoot coming up and they wake up with dark circles or worse yet, a pimple!  Blu_ray has you covered.  In two shades – light/med and med/dark, this concealer has a way of morphing with my skin so that it doesn’t look masky or cakey – it blends in so that it looks natural, it never dries out my skin either.   Now, I can’t speak to its wrinkle reducing properties as I don’t use it anywhere that I might have a line or two…but I will say my skin looks great when I’m wearing it.  I definitely agree that it’s light diffusing because even in our harsh lights at the office my skin still looks natural and fresh.    There’s a reason why people are giving this concealer 4 and 5 stars.  It’s a GOOD one!

Makeup Addict has been using ‘medium/dark’ in CARGO’s Blu_ray Concealer and was I ever surprised!!!  I never even look — I always pick light in a concealer but I got the medium/dark and was sure that it would be just a shade or so too dark for me — WRONG!!!! Actually, it is just about right.  This is a high definition Make-Up and it really does help your eyes and any other area needing a little help.  Maria did not need it for the wrinkle reducing properties, but I did and was thrilled with the coverage.  Some concealers run right into the lines or wrinkles and make them more pronounced.  CARGO’s Blu_ray Concealer did not ride in like that.  Somehow, it gave those lines enough coverage to minimize them pretty nicely.  So, I am getting the dark circles eradicated and the wrinkles and lines much less noticeable – thanks to CARGO’s Blu_ray Concealer.  I have used kit to cover some imperfections, such as red spots, etc.  It does it very efficiently — unlike other concealers that sometimes highlight what I am trying to hide.  I do not get the ‘reverse racoon’ appearance I sometimes achieve with concealers.  So, in other words CARGO’s Blu_ray Concealer does its job of concealing or camoflaging without calling attention to itself.  It really does enhance tired eyes or just plain baggy-looking eyes.  I can say that I look wide awake even as I can feel my lids trying hard to droop a little.  But when I look in the mirror — just the appearance of not looking tired wakes those lids up. . . they stay up.  I think it does actually give me a little more moisture around the area I am using it on and it goes on so smoothly.  That may be part of the secret to plumping out the skin to disguise those lines and wrinkles.  Well, whatever it is — it works remarkably well!!!!!!!


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