CARGO ~ Mediterranean Collection

Cargo Mediterranean Collection $34.00 by CARGO at Ulta

CARGO created a collection of make-up inspired by the exotically beautiful hues of the Mediterranean. With this travel-inspired, super-portable collection, you’ll be ready for any journey, big or small.An $81 value! Includes three full-sized and two mini must-haves, for a complete make-up look you can take anywhere. Packaged in a Mediterranean-themed make-up bag complete with postcard appliqués and stitching. All products are free of fragrance, talc and parabens.

METSV:  With the way our weather has been of late, I wish I WAS taking this collection on a Mediterranean getaway.  Great little cosmetic bag filled with Cargo goodies including a full size blush, duo eyeshadow, mini lip gloss, mascara, and gorgeous eyeliner.    This collection has all the current must have colors – Mendocino blush is a totally wearable pinky-plum color…it kind of morphs with my skin and goes with anything, the eyeshadow duo in Copper and Gold is pretty for day OR night – just use a heavier hand on your shadow brush – I actually wore both the other night and that looked good too!  You can wetline with the copper and it will make blue eyes just POP.  The lippie has already found its way into my pocketbook, though in mini-size I can just throw it in my jeans pocket too!  Morocco is the color and it’s a pretty mauvy-berry; again, pretty much goes with everything.   The Teal eyeliner is so in right now – you’re seeing Teal everywhere, so this is great too.   Fun and flirty color…top it all off with a mascara and you have everything you need for a weekend getaway!  (No need to pack a little makeup bag either!   All of these products fit perfectly in the Voyages makeup bag.)   Hopefully somewhere sunny and warm.   Of course, these are great if you’re not getting away…perfect for the summer.  These colors will look so pretty with a little summer glow… Great litle collection from CARGO.  Priced right too!

Makeup Addict says  let me tell you CARGO’s Mediterranean Collection is well worth it.  You have probably seen the review for the Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara by Maria and, it alone is $20.00.  So to get it in this kit is incredible.  It does stay on until you decide when you want to take it off.  I simply wash it off gently with a makeup remover or simple soap and water.  I love the look it gives.  You can determine how long and how thick you want your lashes to look by adding an extra coat or not. I love that I can wear it to work and then add some volume for the evening.  The Lip Gloss comes in Morocco which is a glistening mauvey-rose and it looks and feels fantastic.  It has a very nice sheen to it.  The Copper and Gold Eyeshadow Duo is something special.  I believe it will enhance any color eyes – but, it also picks up tiny flecks of shine from your eyes and seems to bring them front and center.  The colors can be used day or night and can be really applied just a twinge heavier for the evening.  I, personally, fell for the Teal eye liner.  It really does your eyes justice.  I have not seen such a pretty Teal before — this is perfect – and it does make my hazel eyes look bigger and better.  Like Maria mentioned Teal is really an ‘In’ color now – but I would love it anyway.  It is a perfect Teal to me and let me add that I particularly like it with the Copper/Gold Eyeshadow Duo.  Although the line and the eyeshadows work very well without being used together also.  You can get such varied looks from this kit.  The price is simply incredible for all that you get.  Hey, I have bought kits and only one item was something I would use – but in this kit — every item is perfect!!!!!


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