Omorovicza ~ Sunkiss SPF 15

Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15 $135.00 by Omorovicza at Bergdorf Goodman

This tan booster prolongs the life of your tan and gives you an instant summer glow. Sunkiss conceals imperfections and gives the skin an even matte finish, whilst protecting from UVA/UVB rays and preventing premature aging. This cream provides coverage and color, yet remains a moisturizer at the core; apple pectin and apricot seed oil hydrate and nourish. As in all Omorovicza day creams, ruby crystal lends the skin instant radiance and helps to blur fine lines and minimize the appearance of imperfections. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide SPF 15 protection from UVA/UVB rays. Zinc oxide also helps to soothe minor irritation and redness.

Makeup Addict held out as long as I could before doing this review.  I was afraid it might look like I am  an employee of Omorovicza if I posted their reviews close to each other.  I am not and I am not receiving any kind of bonus for falling in love with Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15. I can’t help myself — seriously, their products just agree with my skin in an almost magical way.  Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15 claims to help booster the life of your summer tan — well, I cheated.  I did not have a summer tan when I started using it.  But, I fell in love with the initial application.  It just blended in with my skin like it is a part of it.  It looks so darn natural – yet it enhances my appearance greatly.  I do get a matte finish but then other times I get a fresh dewy finish and to be honest I love both looks.  Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15 did work to prolong the look of my tan once I did get once from the bottle-not the sun.  Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15 actually made my bottle/tube tan look so genuine and fresh.  It kept the tan in place fo a longer than usual time for me.  Meanwhile, the minerals are really good for my skin and it has improved since using Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15. I could go on an on but let me simply say — you will love Omorovicza Sunkiss SPF 15!!!! You really will.


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