Clean ~ Summer Escape Perfume

CLEAN Summer Escape $49.00 by CLEAN at Sephora

Be instantly transported to the perfect beach retreat with this light, summer seaside scent. CLEAN Summer Escape is inspired by the relaxed freedom of sun-kissed skin, cloudless sky, and endless sea. A pure, citrusy fragrance, it opens with succulent notes of crisp bergamot and mandarin orange and intertwines delicate layers of water lily, beach grass, and white sand. Light and playful, it’s also tranquil and refreshing.

cakedoo1 says.. WOW, this came at the right time, the transition between between the long and daunting winter.. I can’t tell you what an amazing pick me up Summer Escape is… It’s fresh and of course CLEAN but so much more, it’s a very light feminine scent. I spritz on my my wrists and neck and go.. When I first spray the scent is really citrusy and fresh but as it dries down and the scent throughout the day has more floral and a lighter citrus.. I love that it’s not heavy and obtuse! It’s personal and special, none of that overbearing weighty perfume.. Can I just tell you that if you are outside and the air blows, you will love, love, love the way the air carries the scent! It’s so pretty and beachy! I love the way it wears, its light and mild.. I can smell it on my skin all day and into the night.. I have been wearing daily and find that it’s just a light pretty scent,

Makeup Addict will admit that I am a true Clean fanatic.  I love just about every scent they have come out with but Clean’s Summer Escape Perfume is in a league of its own.  I do not know how they got the scent of fresh air, the beach, and everything summery into a bottle.  It is fresh and clean but vibrant.  I could use this any day or night — for any occasion.  It is truly one of the freshest fragrances that I have used in ages.  I cannot tell you how many people commented on the fresh fragrance in a class I attended last week.  They were amazed as the room was hot and sticky — no air conditioning and the windows were stuck closed, yet someone in the class smelled fresh as could be — I wonder who that could be?!?!?!?!?!  Please do not get me wrong — it is not like a room freshener — it just happened to really perk up the people in the clammy classroom.  I find it to be very, very sexy as I love pure fragrances.  It is exotic to me as it brings the seaside to wherever I am.  Clean’s Summer Escape Perfume is now giving some of my other Clean fragrances a little bit of a fight for top spot in my nose!!  Clean’s Summer Escape Perfume gives me a tropical break that might be romantic or exciting.  It just works wonders for me and those around me!!!!!


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