Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage Makeup Remover


Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage Makeup Remover  On Sale for $36.   Full Information @ Dr.Ci

A Perfect Makeup Remover for Aging-Care

The Rich Cream of Superior Quality Camelia Oil Gently And Thoroughly Removes Makeup, Debris, Dirt, Pollutants, and Other Impurities

Providing a Perfect Texture for “Massaging” to Boost Blood Circulation.

*Formulated with Tourmaline and Ginger Root Extract

Abundant Anti-Aging Ingredients Improve the Skin’s Elasticity from Within

*Formulated with Marine Placenta and Elastin

Makeup Addict does enjoy massaging Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage Makeup Remover into my skin.  It is a creamy lotion/cream.  It feels so good when I gently massage it into my skin.  You know, I think they are right – my face feels refreshed and renewed so the massaging does seem to boost the blood circulation.  It does not dry or irritate my skin – even around the eyes.  It does remove every bit of makeup, along with all the impurities my skin has attracted during the day or evening.  I have been using it for a while and I do think the elasticity has improved — at least it feels that way when I touch my face and neck.  It is very gentle, but effective in doing its job. It leaves my skin feeling very fresh, clean, renewed and hydrated.  The price is more than reasonable, especially while it is on sale.  I have to say that so far Dr.Ci:Labo’s products have definitely impressed me. 


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