Amika ~ Obliphica Oil Treatment (for Hair)

Amika Oil Treatment $34.00 at Sephora

An Obliphica Oil Treatment for medium to thick hair. What it does: This Oil Treatment nourishes and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz. Enriched with Argan oil, Omega 7, and Vitamin C, the treatment deeply conditions and restores shine while providing UV protection from environmental and sun damage. The natural molecules in the formula penetrate the surface of the hair to get to the root, sealing split ends, improving shine and elasticity.


  • Obliphica by amika™ gets its power by harnessing the unique properties of the Sea Buckthorn Berry, also known as Obliphica. Sea Buckthorn Berry has an unusually high percentage (40%) of the rare Omega 7. Omega 7 protects, replenishes, moisturizes, and restores hair’s natural balance. Not tested on animals. Environmentally friendly.


cakedoo1 says… One word!! TRANSFORMING!! Amika has taken my dry lifeless mop to a new level.. I started using this at the end of my haircut as well as my color.. I have dark reddish brown hair and by the end of the color it looks bright and a taf brassy.. Well, Amika’s oil has given new life to my doo! I am not kidding! First off, my doo is baby fine and oils scare me, I don’t want my hair stuck to my head looking oily.. So when I first tried the oil I used about 4 drops, clearly not enough but enough to show my that it wasn’t going to be like adding salad dressing to my hair, I could rock it without getting oily.. What Amika’s oil does is deposit all the moisture my hair needs, it really looks like my hair does right after a cut and color.. it also seals up all the ends that look tattered and split so AMAZING, right? It does have a scent, but it’s light kinda romantic warm scent that has a teeny bit of a white musk to it.. I love it and it doesn’t perfume up my hair either… Now that I have had a couple of weeks I know exactly what my hair needs.. I use daily and apply after towel drying my hair.. I also use a straightening iron and the results have been so much better since using too.. My hair feels like it’s got more body, bounce and life.. Also I am overdue on a cut and color and it doesn’t look bad at all – with the exception that my bangs are in my eyes and bother the heck out of me.. I also want to tell you that I can skip a day of shampooing and not get oily either.. My hair was looking dry and over-processed and now healthy and vibrant.. I think the color looks better too.. So the best part is when I get the cut and color my hair will be gorgeous since using Amika straight away.. I also want to mention that I do use an Amika straightener too.. My hair slides through the straightener without a hitch.. When my hair is at the end of a cut and I have split ends I can get some bumps in the road and it can catch but not anymore, not that you have to use the straightener with but I am telling you the 2 together are a perfect synergy!! Now, I know this seems like an expensive product but I am telling you it isn’t.. You do have to spend the $34 initially but you won’t need to buy again for a long, long time.. I use such a small amount that this is surely going to last me over a year.. I also want to mention that I do use a clarifying shampoo once a week to prevent buildup so I think if you do jump and purchase, use one too.. My hair is just so silky and soft.. This is a keeper!! LOVE!!

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