Cosmetofruit ~ Total Body Booster

TOTAL BODY BOOSTER avail @ Space NK for $80.00

Total Body Booster is a nutritional elixir to detoxify and revitalize your body. Aging damage preventing and detoxifying elixir containing free radical fighters and skin health boosters. Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and recover skin tone and firmness. Spiruline Seaweed helps to provide elasticity and tone to the skin. Green Coffee extract helps to reduce water retention and lipid accumulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

cakedoo1 says.. Now here is a product that I love… I had really never tried a Total Body Booster or any revitalizing product, well a couple of the energy boosting drinks but only sips… It comes with a very cute spoon to dispense the exact amount. I took one every morning for I would say just over a month.. The consistency is like a thick syrup and it’s got an almost pomegranate flavor, it’s got that tart crisp flavor, I really liked it.. Now when I first took it I didn’t notice a difference in the way I felt but a few days in is when I really took notice.. I don’t drink coffee so I am don’t have any of that typical caffeine that everyone is running on.. I will get an iced coffee on occasion and I end up with heart palpitations so I try to avoid. Now this concoction really gives my body a boost, I felt great and had more energy. I also feel like my skin really reaped the benefits of the ingredients too, I think that my skin had a nice glow and just was healthy and balanced.. I have finished the bottle and can totally tell that I no longer have the Total Body Booster, it’s a great product because now without it, I don’t have the same vigor and the good ready to go feeling has dissapated.. I wanted to wait till I was completely done with my bottle to reflect on how I felt while taking and how I felt without.. I like the way I felt while taking it, the energy and overall sense of health.. I really need some more Cosmetofruit! I great product to get me on track and keep me going, also filled with all kinds of good stuff!


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