Emani Minerals ~ Liquid Mineral Foundation

Emani Minerals Liquid Mineral Foundation $28.00 avail @ Emani Minerals

Infused with a luxorious blend of hylauronic acid , vitamin A and jojoba oil that helps to balance and maintain the moisture of your skin. Entirely non-comdegenic and ideal of dry or mature skin.

cakedoo1 says. I am thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to try out the Emani line, I opted for the Natural Beige tone of their Liquid Mineral foundation because it was their lightest tone and I am super fair.. I was thrilled when I received and the color is a great match for me.. You know how it is, sometimes it’s a hit and others a complete miss. I think a good match is definitely over 1/2 of the battle of finding a foundation.. So since I was lucky enough to start out on the right foot, I knew things were only going to better.. The mineral formula is AMAZING! I have tried many mineral foundations and by far, Emani offers a creamy lush, product that delivers! I love the consistency, it smooths over my skin and feels great.. it really creates a seamless look on my skin.. You don’t know where the foundation ends and where I begin.. It also feels weightless on! I get a really nice finished look and would say the finish is in between light and medium coverage.. I also want to tell you if you need a little extra in case you want to look a little more made up, it’s completely build-able too.. I was going out and just wanted a little more of a polished look so I applied, gave it a moment to set then applied a little more, I am telling you a porcelain finish that gave my skin the glow I was longing for..

I also think Emani has come up with a foundation that goes the distance without fading or rubbing away.. I am out of the house before 7 and back well after 5 and I am ready to go from the office to head out for the night.. I will go over my face with a blotting paper just to invigorate my look but that is it.. It holds up and keeps that natural fresh look throughout the night.. I can’t tell you how happy I am and the price is only $28.00!! This is a great price for such an amazing foundation.. It’s a love affair for me & Emani that I am not willing to give up anytime soon!!


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