The Royal ‘OUI’ – Inspired by the Runway, Fit For a Queen

Rumors have been swirling over what princess-to-be Kate Middleton will be wearing down the aisle this Friday. From the dress to the hair, whatever Kate chooses is sure to become a major wedding trend.

Inspired by the royal family, but suited for palaces and kingdoms near and far, the TIGI Your Highness Collection gives you the perfect tiara-ready coif perfect for royal engagements and, of course, weddings. From crown to tip, give your hair the royal treatment, making sure it befits your next public appearance, whether you are waving from a balcony, taking a ride in your carriage, or off on your Kenyan safari.

The scents and perfumes used in this range are sophisticated and enrapture the senses; Sandalwood, Vanilla and Cashmere deliver sensual aromas while undertones of White Chocolate, Star Jasmine, Lychee and Kiwi add an exotic touch.

Achieve majestic, noticeable hair fit for a princess with the collection’s dynamic style building system that gives any “commoner” the ability to create a high-end, glamorous look.

The collection includes:
•    Elevating Shampoo preps hair and gives it body
•    Nourishing Conditioner delivers fullness and shine
•    Thickening Gel Crème creates thick, luminescent locks  
•    Root Boost Spray Mousse lifts hair and gives it texture
•    Weightless Shine Spray guarantees an illuminating finish
•    Firm Hold Hairspray keeps any look in place, while allowing movement

For more info please check out Catwalk by Tigi


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