John Frieda ~ Go Blonder Lightening Spray

JOHN FREIDA Go Blonder ContLightening Spray – 3.5 oz $8.99 at Target

Versatile, patent-pending formula with citrus and chamomile works with styling heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. Contains thermo-protectant. Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing for control of lightening. Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses.

Ali Says…I have naturally blonde hair. Never been died, never been processed. I’m proud of that, but secretly have always wanted to do something to my hair. Well, this Go Blonder Lightening Spray is a perfect little trick for me. I wasn’t sure if I would even notice a difference, but I was happily surprised. After just three uses, I noticed my hair to be much lighter, very much summer sun kissed. How perfect, I can now get my hair summer fresh all year long. My now “blonder” hair looked like I had just come from a day at the beach. What was really great was my natural highlights could still be seen, nothing looked fake. While there is hydrogen peroxide in this product (beware darker hair colors), it had a pleasant scent, very citrusy and fresh. I will keep this spray for all year use, when I want my hair to be a little lighter or to spruce it up  in the winter. Just a great little tool to keep around.




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